The Most Complex Skill in Tumbling

I can see many of you reacting to the title of this piece by naming a big, intricate skill. You may think that the most difficult skill in tumbling is the Miller, which is a triple-twisting double-back, but you’d be wrong.

Could it be the triple back? Or a combination of multiple twists with several flips?

Perhaps, I tend to pose this question wrongly in my conversations. I should probably ask what the most complex and important skill in tumbling is. And the answer to this question is often unexpected but quickly accepted when explained.

The most complex and essential skill in tumbling is the round-off. Yes, the round-off sets the pace and the stability of the rest of your tumbling.

I will post a complete article about this soon, but for now, I want to leave you with a few thoughts and questions.

Questions and Thoughts

First, I correct round-offs almost daily and at national and international levels. Second, the vast majority of people do round-offs incorrectly.

Do you know the optimal hand position on the floor when executing a round-off? Where should you look as you do a round-off?

And there are many questions that most athletes who came to me with extensive experience cannot answer correctly.

As I said, I’ll post more on this as soon as I gather footage of good round-offs.

Stay tuned.

Coach José

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