Coach’s Log

The philosophy of coaching and the meaningful, critical conversation we need to have with our athletes to ensure their success.

The philosophy of coaching

The Coach’s Log is about different coaching practices and philosophies I have found to work throughout my career.

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Coaching Practices

And when I say practices, I refer to techniques that a coach employs to impart knowledge to their athletes. It is my belief the all behaviours in the gym, and within the coach-athlete relationship, should work for the improvement of well-being and performance.

Of course, we can separate practices into psychological and physical resources, but their purpose is the same – to help the athlete progress in the sport.

Therefore, the Coach’s log is about the philosophy of coaching so we can have conceptual conversations about how to get the best from and for our athletes while respecting their emotional integrity. 

This is how I change the conversation about positive and effective coaching in sports and how we make better people. 

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The Coach’s Log

Invert City is a community whose aim is to help coaches and athletes thrive in their sport.