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The Coach’s Log is about different coaching practices and philosophies I have found to work throughout my career.

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Coaching Practices

When I say practices, I refer to techniques that a coach employs to impart knowledge to their athletes. It is my belief the all behaviours in the gym, and within the coach-athlete relationship, should work for the improvement of well-being and performance.

Of course, we can separate practices into psychological and physical resources, but their purpose is the same – to help the athlete progress in the sport.

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The Coach’s Log

Coach’s Log, Entry 9: Motivation and Small Victories

How celebrating small victories properly can help boost motivation in the gym and affect development positively.

Coach’s Log, Entry 8: When an Athlete Falls

How to react when and athlete falls. And no, yelling and being harsh with and athlete is never a good idea.

Coach’s Log, Entry 7: Visualising and Skill Development

Visualisation techniques can help enhance performance and they should be used frequently.

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