The Comfort Zone

I wrote in one of my other blogs that The comfort zone is not the right place for intellectual growth, it’s where all humility and honesty go to weaken and die.

This is true. And as I also wrote in that post, the comfort zone is detrimental to progress.

The comfort zone
Winning takes risk

This concept is a topic of serious discussion in athletics as it leads to conversations about motivation.

High-Performance athletes must take calculated risks often – they must challenge their fears regularly. It follows, then, that the comfort zone isn’t the right place or state for athletic development either, because there is almost no growth without risk.

Our job as coaches is to help our athletes manage the risks inherent in training and to minimise the potential damages that may result from it.

We must also be willing and ready to help them mitigate the effects of any negative consequences of their involvement in the sport.

There are many reasons people go into and stay in their comfort zone, but I only a few ways to get them out of it.

One, by increasing their self-confidence. And two, by providing the right insensitive to move into more productive states. I will submit that the latter may not work if the athlete’s conviction is low.

I’ll contribute more about that soon.

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— Coach José

The dangers of the comfort zone

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