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The SMART Framework of Motivation for Sutainable Performance

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The SMART framework is a popular method for setting and achieving goals in various fields, including sports. By following this framework, athletes can set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Making goals specific and measurable helps athletes to define what they want to achieve and track their progress towards achieving it. Achievability is important to ensure that goals are challenging but realistic. Aligning goals with personal values and interests makes them more relevant and motivating, while setting deadlines for achieving them makes them time-bound. Incorporating the SMART framework into sports training can help athletes stay motivated, accountable, and focused on achieving their goals.


Coaching through the Pandemic

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Jen, as those of us who know and love her call her, has an illustrious twenty-five-year-long coaching and business career, here she talks about the challenges of dealing high-performance athletes and coaching through the pandemic.