Sports Starts Here, Part 3

No other sport offers a better approach to teaching movement than gymnastics; it holds the ABCs of athleticism: Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed, as its fundamental principles. Because of the difficult nature of the skills it presents to athletes, L.T.A.D or Long-term Athlete Development must be one of the undertakings of gymnastics training. 

Sports Benefit everyone
Sports Are Beneficial to All

Neither I nor anyone in the Invert City or the Pulsars Gymnastics teams would ever say that other sports do not offer suitable structures for athletic development. When followed correctly, we claim that the gymnastics method is the most adequate for the general enhancement of physical and psychological aptitudes. Gymnastics training offers the basic skills required by any other sport, including the team-dynamic present in higher level competition. 

And my claims about the sport of gymnastics are shared by experts worldwide. In the 2021 article, The 3 hardest Olympics sports, according to sports medicine experts, Gymnastics won the most points for technical and mental strength.

“There is a high level of risk with the elements, and gymnasts are required to master balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance of both upper and lower extremities in order to achieve Olympic-level greatness.”

Dr Kathleen Davenport, the director of Physiatry HSS Florida

In May of 2011, ESPN Sports Science released an episode explaining why Gymnastics is the most challenging sport in the world. The video shows mind-blowing numbers and statistics. 

These numbers illustrate how physically and mentally beneficial Gymnastics can be. Take a look. 

You name it: stamina, grace, flexibility, power; Gymnastics has it. Training in it will improve other positive traits like dedication, courage and self-respect. 

Again, I am not saying that sport begins and ends in gymnastics. I am simply saying that it starts here with a critical approach to teaching complex skills. 

Thank you for reading.

Coach José

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