Questions about Invert City’s Mission Statement

Since its inception, I’ve said that Invert City’s mission statement is to change the conversation about what positive and effective coaching is or should be. But what does that mean exactly? 

Invert City's Mission Statement
Powerful Mission

Invert City

How do we change that conversation? What is the current dialogue about this problem? What is the change we need? 

All these questions require proper answers, and I’d be remiss in saying or even thinking I can answer them all rightly. Like any change that affects complex systems populated by complex individuals, the change I am after is multi-dimensional. 

The next question is, can I write a mission statement that delivers the essence of the previous questions concisely – with optimal clarity?

Further, can I be transparent enough in my message so those who need it can receive it well? 

Pulsars Gymnastics

Take, for example, our gym’s mission statement. Its declaration is direct, succinct, and straightforward enough that those who read it fully grasp Pulsars’ intentions. 

It reads as follows:

Our Mission Statement

To become a centre that will provide positive and diverse gymnastics services for children and youth in a safe and rewarding atmosphere through the delivery of quality programs.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the physical development of children in Ontario in order to serve as a model club across Canada.

Their values are specific and delineate their mission statement perfectly. 

Our Values

  • Excellence In Everything We Do.
  • Accountability to our Membership
  • Participation Opportunities to All Our Members.
  • A Safe, Healthy, Harassment Free Environment For all Gymnastics Participants.
  • The Benefits of Participation in Gymnastics.
  • Quality, Certified, Ethical Coaches and Judges.
  • Fair Play and Adherence to the Spirit of the Rules
  • Recognition of the Contributions of our Volunteers and Staff
  • A Transparent and Progressive Organization.
  • Celebration of Successes.

I have some work to do to compose Invert City’s mission statement and do this project the justice it deserves. 

Thank you for reading.

— Coach José

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