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If I had a dime for every time people ask me why I coach, well, I’d have a dollar. All joking aside, it is a question that comes up from my circles with whom I don’t share my passion for coaching too often. Those who know me as a coach understand why I do it. Further, the people who met me in or through the gym love me and let’s be honest – I don’t blame them.

The most straightforward answer to this question is that coaching makes me a better person; it elevates me to a place where I like myself. Coaching directly affects my self-confidence.

Why I coach
They Call Me Coach

To illustrate my point better, I’ll share part of an article I wrote for Pulsars Gymnastics in June 2018 about this same question.

“Yes, I love coaching, and I love the feelings I get from doing it. These feelings, however, came after I realised the full benefits of being a coach on my own progress. And though my reasons for being a coach my not appear as noble as the others I usually give to dismiss a dishonest conversation, they are nobler. They are nobler because my choice to become a coach didn’t come from thinking I was good enough to teach, but from the realisation that by teaching I became better at what I did.

To this day coaching allows me to improve upon skills I depend on in my professional career as a facilitator, and in my personal life. Coaching is one of my vehicles to self-mastery. My initial reasons for becoming a coach were very self-indulgent and self-serving, but today I see it as way to lift others and myself up, to empower young minds to see their own incredible potential and in so doing realise my own. It’s symbiotic; it’s a give and take kind of thing, and I would advise any coach or instructor who doesn’t see it in (at least) a similar light to consider that they may not be getting as much from their coaching as they can.”


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So there you have it; the reasons I coach are simple, it makes me a better person, and it allows me to help others do the same.

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— Coach José

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