New Project about Mental Health and Personal Well-being

Today, Invert City has the honour of announcing a new project about mental health and well-being. The project is a joint venture with a coach I have worked with for more than a decade. 

As those of us close to her call her, Jen is not only a coworker; she is a respected friend. The story of how we met is funny because of the confusion her last name caused, but there are much better stories to tell about Jen Lee, and I look forward to getting the chance. 


Jen has been a high-level athlete and coach for 25 years, and through her successful career in both, she has developed a keen sense of understanding of the human psyche. 

This project puts that understanding to work for others who need it. 

About Jen Lee

I’ll let her own words do the talking.

“Hi! I’m Jennifer Lee, and amongst many things, I’m an advocate for mental health and personal well-being. To start my introduction, I should say that I learned to identify and fix performance issues in high-level athletes through a successful coaching career.

As an accomplished professional dancer, I learned how to cope with the stress of such a high-performance industry as the dance world. As a businesswoman and a mother, I put all these skills together to ensure my success.

I’m not here to give you parenting or business advice – but I would be happy to share my experience and perspective with you. Nor do I intend on being your therapist. Instead, I’m here to help you cope with the pressures life puts on you. I share my story with you in hopes of helping you procure the resources you need and utilize the ones you already have.”

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The project aims to facilitate emotional-support resources and coping strategies for people who need them. 

There is more coming soon. 

Thank you for stopping by.

— Coach José

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