New Experimental Trampoline Video Series

One of my athletes and I started working on a new experimental trampoline video series. In this series, for which we have yet to determine the number of episodes, we will show the athlete’s progress in learning a new skill. 

The athlete – we’ll call him Liam, and only because that’s his name – chose to work on a half-in back-out combination.

The half-in, or barani-in back out, is a double somersault, with the first somersault being a forward flip with a half twist followed immediately by a back flip in the tuck position. 

Trampoline Video Series
New series about trampoline skills

For this first episode, we set up a 32-inch resi mat on the middle trampoline end deck for Liam to land on safely. 

We begin the process by testing the mat set-up to ensure safety. Then we proceed to do several sets to understand the timing of the skill. One of the goals of this Experimental video series is to show the importance of safety and proper progressions in learning new, complex acrobatic skills.

The Experimental Video Series

We consider this series experimental because we plan to follow a set of rules and specific progressions to ensure progress, but we do not know how long or how far this series will go.

The methodology is simple: use drills and conditioning exercises to assist skill development. We will document the number of repetitions and turns required to move forward. 

Note: Different athletes will require different approaches to learning new skills. The repetitions and number of turns Liam takes are specific to him and his training background. 

Here is the video.


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Coach José

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