More about The Adverse Effects of Negative Coaching Styles

Note: This article repeats the content of previous pieces, and that is because the adverse effects of negative coaching styles require straightforward attention and repetition.

Again, Negative coaching is a style focused on winning at all costs rather than helping athletes develop their skills, confidence, and enjoyment of the sport. 

The Adverse Effects of Negative Coaching Styles
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The Adverse Effects of Negative Coaching Styles

To reiterate what I said in one of my previous articles: Negative coaches may use fear, intimidation, and punishment to (try to) motivate athletes and may criticize and belittle athletes (in an attempt) to push them to perform better.

Notice my use of parentheses to point out the inferior nature of negative coaching ideas and to indicate that they are often unsuccessful. 

I also explained in that article that while negative coaching may sometimes lead to short-term success, it can also negatively affect athlete development and enjoyment of the sport. This is the point I make in the piece about the fallacy of small numbers. 

Let me repeat this: negative coaching will create a negative team culture and lead to low morale and poor communication among players. It can also lead to decreased motivation and confidence in athletes, as they may feel discouraged by constant wrong kind of criticism.

In addition, research has shown that negative coaching is less effective at improving performance than positive coaching. Athletes who receive positive reinforcement and encouragement are more motivated and perform better than those who do not.

Once again, I urge coaches to consider the long-term consequences of their coaching style on their athletes’ (many of them children) development. 

We have many examples of high-performance athletes who currently suffer the negative manifestations of abuse by their coaches. The evidence is abundantly clear and points to negative coaching styles as generally unviable and undesirable.

Thank you very much for reading. Please share this article with anyone who might need it. 

— Coach José

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