Invert City’s Social Media

After a few days of respite from the strain of the screen on my eyes and a much-needed recess from the stress of having to write content for several sites – I’m back. And I’m back to announce the beginning of a pretty cool experiment in the Invert City’s Social Media.

Admittedly, I was not too fond of Instagram before this project. The platform had failed to interest me because its content to my feed was boring. Instagram also seemed incapable or unwilling to direct traffic to my content. At one point, they blocked my account from liking or commenting without expressing a reason or allowing me to find a resolution.

Invert City's Social Media

But, accepting challenges is a crucial part of growth. So I did.

It was when I decided to experiment with “Reels” and other techniques that it all turned around for Invertcity on social media.

The Invert City Instagram account grew from 25 followers to 230 followers in 3 days. As of the publishing date of this piece, our Reels receive between 2,000 and 4,000 views and several hundred likes individually.

Needless to say, I like Instagram much more than I did before this experiment.

Our next social media realm to explore is Twitter – a platform that has kept its promise to be social. Twitter delivers substantial traffic to other websites I manage, and the organic engagement in the application is significantly better than in all other social media outlets.

I will update you on this experiment’s progress.

Here is the Instagram feed. Go check it out and show us some love. I will write a post about my strategies to grow the account.


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Invert City's Social Media

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