Invert City’s Rules for A Positive Gym Culture

The document in this article contains our rules for a positive gym culture, which governs behaviour across all groups. It’s worth noting here that the respect assumption is the only rule that warrants immediate dismissal from our groups. 

It is a longer and more difficult read than most of our articles. I hope it helps.

Rules for a positive gym culture
Positive, Inclusive Team

Rules for A Positive Gym Culture


October 20th, 2022

By Coaches José and Derek.

This document outlines the rules governing training behaviour and athlete expectations for the Trampoline Gymnastics program at Pulsars Gymnastics Club. These guidelines apply to all members of the program without exception or prejudice. 

Section 2 outlines the consequences of failing to comply with the rules and expectations of the program and of upholding them correctly. 



THE RESPECT ASSUMPTION: Respect is more than how we behave towards others; it’s how we think about each other. In the gym, the assumption is ALWAYS that we are complex and intelligent humans; everyone must work under this assumption.

ARRIVAL: Athletes are expected to arrive early, at least 5 minutes before training. Exceptions will be made only in special cases. 

ATTIRE: Proper training attire is an essential part of any athletic endeavour. Tumbling training attire can consist of the following items: No outdoor clothes are permitted in the gym during training. 

  1. Gymnastics leotards with or without shorts
  2. Tight athletic tops (t-shirts) with tight gymnastics/gym shorts
  3. Leggings (above the knee) with tight athletic tops
  4. Trampoline shoes, if approved by the trampoline coach

Athletes may wear athletic sweatshirts and sweatpants in the gym before the start of training, but they must wear the proper attire during warmup. 

COMMUNICATION: Athletes are permitted to talk to each other as long as their conversations do not interfere with their own or other athletes’ training. 

Inappropriate language and conversations are explicitly forbidden in the gym. Discussions about personal issues are not allowed unless deemed necessary by the coaches. 

Communication about behavioural issues or interpersonal problems must be brought to the coaches rather than discussed amongst athletes. 

Cell Phone use is prohibited in the gym during training. Times might be allotted to checking cell phone messages use of cellular devices as timers or video recorders, but the coaches will determine those times. The coaches must clear all use of cellular devices. 

WARMUP, DRILLS, AND CONDITIONING: Athletes must complete all warmups, drills, and conditioning exercises as determined by the coaches. Exceptions will be made for particular circumstances only. 

Particular circumstances include but are not limited to injury, malaise, or physical discomfort while executing a specific exercise. 

TRAINING PROGRAMS AND LOGS: Athletes must complete all training programs and logs as determined by the coach. There will be no exceptions regarding training programs and records, and the consequences listed in section 2 will be enforced without prejudice. 


EXPLANATION: The word consequence is neutral without context; it can imply behaviour’s negative and positive effects. This document lists the positive and negative consequences of our observance of the rules. 

The Pulsars Trampoline Gymnastics program follows a basic three-strike rule. 

  1. Strike One: verbal warning given to the athlete about the issue and communicated to the parent or guardian of that athlete. 
  2. Strike Two: In-person meeting with athlete and parent/guardian to discuss the issue and possible solutions. 
  3. Strike Three: Dismissal from the group.

The positive consequences of adhering to the program’s rules outnumber the adverse effects. These outcomes depend heavily on athlete performance and behaviour.

CONDITIONS: Strikes result from direct violations of the rules stated in this document. All decisions about strikes will be discussed with the coaches and communicated to parents and or guardians. All strikes will be recorded in the coaches’ copy of the training logs. 

Athletes have the right and ability to discuss strikes with coaches and the opportunity to resolve the issue in question. One of the positive consequences of sticking to the rules is the removal of an active strike from the athlete’s log. 

While athletes always have the right to appeal strikes, failure to uphold the respect assumption may be the only condition that warrants bypassing the first strike or immediate dismissal from the group. 

Coach José and Derek, for Pulsars Gymnastics

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this article will help you establish a positive, inclusive team environment in your gym. 

— Coach José

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