Invert City’s 3 Most Popular Social Media Posts in 2022

It shouldn’t surprise me that my amazing humans would garner so much attention online; I mean, my superheroes are just that – Super. Some of Invert City’s most popular social media posts have millions of views.

Even though we started this awesomeness-sharing journey on TikTok, Instagram gave us the most exposure.

Our first post went live on December 28th, 2022. That video is a compilation of several adorable and fun moments in the gym.

Our first Instagram post.

At the time, the province of Ontario went into its third and final lockdown of the COVID 19 Pandemic. At that point, Invert City was my way of dealing with the distance forced upon us by the restrictions. I needed to remain focused on my desire to coach.

It worked.

And though our absence from the gym prevented us from recording the kids’ incredible feats, it didn’t preclude my finding inspiration in other humans’ content.

The rest is history, as people love to say, and quite an endearing history it has been so far. Today we enjoy massive reach on Instagram. The platform delivered our content to 11.8 million viewers in May, and our numbers are never lower than a few million monthly views.

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The Videos

I might do another video boasting the incredible reach of our accounts later, but for now, I give you our most popular social media posts.

Oh, you’re recording? 

Our first viral video came on April 26th, 2022. It features Seynette, one of our senior athletes, demonstrating a cartwheel to back-layout step-out.

Aside from the elegant execution, Seynette’s adorable reaction to realising (or remembering) she’s on camera makes the video adorably unique.

She fit it!

Two days later, a video in which Jordyn celebrates successfully fitting her complete pass on our tumbling track received 10.4 million views. And catapulted our account into thousands of followers and millions of monthly views. 

This video has been shared and requested by massive aggregator accounts, including People are Awesome. 

I tried not to sneeze.

Our final video of this post went live on July 9th, 2022. This video show Jordyn working on twisting pass. What makes the video special is that I felt a strong urge to sneeze as she started running into her tumbling line. 

As the title says, I TRIED not to sneeze, but I failed. 

These are only 3 of our many great videos. I recommend you go visit our account and follow us if you don’t already.

Thank you for reading.

— Coach José

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