Invert City Media Group: Positive messages through social media

Positive messages through social media

Helping personal development influencers create sustainable growth strategies on social media.

Founded in November of 2022. Newmarket, Ontario

The Invert City Media Group was born out of the desire to help disseminate messages of critical importance through social media. We understand that numerous essential ideals out there require more attention. Contact us if you are a gym, an athlete or are in the personal-development space, and have a positive idea to communicate to the world.

As evident in our mission statement, Invert City began with the mission to change the conversation about what effective, positive coaching is in sports. Now, we want to help others achieve the success we have seen on social media and other marketing platforms.

But ICMG is and will always remain a very selective agency, meaning we will only take some people or companies as clients.

What you need to qualify

– Belong to a personal development industry
– Have a socially important message
– Desire to work diligently to spread that message


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Pulsars Gymnastics
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Pulsars has been providing recreational and competitive artistic gymnastics for boys and girls of all ages to Newmarket and its surrounding communities, since 1991. | Instagram

Invert City

Invert City
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Changing the conversation about what positive, effective coaching should be in sport. | Instagram | YouTube

Positive messages through social media

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What does that mean, exactly? Even the idea of positivity is subjective and, thus, subject to interpretation. As a result, we must explain our definitions of what a positive message is.

A positive message is about progress and growth for those who receive it. These messages make a beneficial impact on individuals or society as a whole.

Some Examples of positive messages are: respect for all sentient beings and women’s empowerment. But they can also be more specific, like the importance of nutrition in athletics or the need for proper sleep cycles.

There are numerous ideas out there that have the potential to change and save lives. Contact us with your vision, and we will be happy to discuss and consider it.