Dr Rick McGuire and Positive Coaching

USA Olympic team sports psychologist Dr Rick McGuire, an expert on positive coaching said that a coach is an actor in a supporting role. There is no one mould. Coaching all levels of athletes is fundamentally the same. To be a coach is to be someone very special.

An honour, a distinction, a stature to which many aspire. A coach is in a position to which one cannot be named, a title which cannot be given. To be a coach must be earned.

I concur.

Positive Coaching

Everyone has a story of that one coach or teacher who taught them something important. To me, a coach should work diligently to create a positive environment in which athletes can learn. A coach should aim to create good memories of the sport and their relationship with all athletes.

Positive Coaching

On his website, Dr McGuire states the following. Please read it carefully and take in the profundity of this message. Do share it with anyone who might need to read it.

Positive Coaching provides coaches a scientifically and philosophically sound way to teach athletes how to compete and perform their very best on a consistent basis. Positive Coaching empowers athletes to prepare better, perform better, achieve more, and experience personal excellence. This drives them to be prouder, happier, healthier, and more fulfilled for their investment, and motivates athletes to come back and do even more!

When is it right to be disrespectful to another person?

When is it right to be disrespectful of a person with whom we have the opportunity of serving as their coach?

When is it right or necessary to be a negative coach?


Positive Coaching IS that best way. Positive Coaching is BEST coaching! Positive Coaching is RIGHT coaching! Positive Coaching is REAL coaching! 

I don’t think I need to add more to this.

Thank you for reading.

— Coach José

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