Daily Thought: Tumbling is Life

Not only is it a popular hashtag on social media, but a container of a valid metaphor. Tumbling is life, as is any precision sport.

I understand that on the surface this looks like a truism, which, without precise context, is laughable. But indulge me as we laugh together at the virtual frivolity of my proposition.

Life is a precision sport, it requires a critical commitment to learning – training – to ensure success.

As it happens in competition, we get one chance to make an impression on the people we meet, and even when there are “do overs” penalties are incurred.

I also understand that my perception of this assumption’s metaphorical value requires expansion, and I look forward to providing it.

It is, after all, my hope that the content of my sermons and my best ideas may one day coalesce with the reality of my athletes’s timelines.

More on this later. Much more on this later.

— Coach José

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