Daily Thought: Celebrating Human Potential

Today’s thought about celebrating human potential comes from a long-time friend and someone whose intellect I respect. And because of that respect, I will let him do the talking.

Celebrating humans
Humans are amazing

Human beings are amazing in so many beautiful ways. No doubt we let each other down all the time, but if you just look at people’s extraordinary abilities outside of your expectations it’s pretty mind blowing.

If you can look at the these people and their amazing abilities outside of your arrogance and/or your insecurities, the coolest part is knowing that YOU can do a damn impressive version of that thing to.

The ability, potential, strength, and creativity inside every human being is enough to spin your head around!

This all depends on you having the confidence, the courage, the commitment, or the sense to get after it and take the right steps.

Life is so much easier and SO much better when you develop beyond jealousy, resentment, and pettiness. From then on you can enjoy inspiration, affection, and a gratitude so deep it’ll keep you grounded in appreciation through the wildest storms that come your way.

Let people motivate your progress. Let the excellence of others bring you excitement and peace. Let the excellence of EXCEPTIONAL people help you push yourself harder while CELEBRATING the advantages others have been born with, have been blessed with, or have fought for.

Get better at this like your life depends on it… because it does.

Now pick your nose in public ‘cuz this got way too serious!

Josh Bastien, coach, philosopher and over all genius.

There you have it. I’ve followed this guy’s work for years, and you should do the same. You can find him here.

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— Coach José

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