Daily Thought: A Promise to Practise What We Preach

As often happens in the gym, my athletes and I had a short conversation about mindset yesterday. We spoke about how critical it is to responsibly believe in our capacities as people. And we talked about practising what we preach beyond the gym.

Practise what we preach

I was the first to admit that I don’t always observe the advice I provide. “If I were to practise what I preach to you in here,” I said to their eager ears, “I’d be a billionaire.”

At one point I acknowledged that life would be generally better if I followed the same processes I lay out for their training.

I explained to them that the behaviours they exhibit during successful training are transferable to most areas of life. Tumbling is merely a cool way of learning to excel in everything they do.

I’ll write more on this later.

The Understanding

Some of them contributed excitedly that they understood how it all applied to school, and others offered their ideas on how to use this knowledge to get chores done faster.

Consequently, I saw my opportunity to make a change to my circumstances – I made a promise.

The Promise

I promised my superheroes and most importantly myself, that I would apply my solutions to gym-related issues to my challenges outside of the gym and measure the results of this decision.


I don’t know if billions in the bank are a realistic goal for the near future, but those of you who know me, know I never back away from a challenge. Especially, when I know how to break that challenge into smaller, more manageable parts as we do when we set up drills for new skills.

Thank you for reading.

— Coach José

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