Daily Thought: A Conversation about Effective Coaching

What do we mean by changing the conversation about effective coaching?

This thought is a duplication of a social media post I made last week. That post came in response to several conversations I had with others in my industry about the difference between showing respect and compassion for the people around us and being “too soft”.

The post read like this.

A conversation about effective coaching.
Effective coaching

We’ve been sold a meme of aggression and maltreatment as standards of proper coaching, but science shows us it doesn’t work.

Our principal function as coaches is to create a psychologically and physically safe environment in which our athletes can develop their skill set.

We shouldn’t conflate caring for our athletes’ emotional well-being with permissivenesses or being “too soft”. No, force is necessary at times.


Our definition of force shouldn’t include abusive or demeaning language.

Insulting an athlete is never acceptable.

Remember that abuse takes many forms. Neglecting or ignoring an athlete is unacceptable behaviour.

It’s bad coaching.

Thank you for reading.

Share this with a coach or athlete you know.

Let’s make changes.

The Post.

— Coach José

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