Growth and Development

All of the conversations revolve around growth and development. From gymnastics and athletic coaching to interpersonal communication and social media strategies, Invert City will help you find someone with the advice you seek.

Growth and Development

Main Topics

Trampoline Gymnastics/Athletics

Positive coaching
Understand the benefits of the positive coaching approach

Positive Coaching

The positive coaching approach revolves around conversations that that establish a culture of respect in your gym or organization.

Athlete-first approach
Know and adhere to the athlete-first approach to become an effective coach in sport or other disciplines


The athlete-first approach, or philosophy, whatever you want to call it, is about working to understand individual athletes’ needs as critical components of the learning process.

The athlete-first approach and positive coaching methods revolve around conversations that establish proper boundaries between athlete and coach. It is about creating an environment of trust in which the athlete feels secure in telling the coach what they need to thrive.



Enhanced communication Strategies
Learn to use your communication to affect positive change

Enhanced Communication

These conversations are about understanding how our communication can affect positive psychological and emotional change in others. These sessions are set up by and with business professionals, successful entrepreneurs and experienced coaches.

Invert City's Social Media Strategies
If you have an positive message to share with the World ICMG will help you do it

Social Media Strategies

As part of the Invert City Media Group Initiative, the Social Media Strategies conversations are set up with successful social media influencers who can help you develop sustainable growth strategies for your social media presence.

The Invert City Media Group was born out of the desire to help disseminate messages of critical social importance through social media. We understand that numerous essential ideals out there require more attention. Contact us if you are a gym or athlete and have a positive idea to communicate to the world – we’ll be happy to talk about helping you move that idea forward.

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