Coach’s Log, Entry 11: Re-branding The Log

It’s been a while since I wrote on this part of the website. And this post is structured differently than past ones because it’s about change and re-branding the log

Re-branding the coach's log
The Coach’s Log

For the last few days, I’ve thought about the value my writing brings to this community and Invert City’s mission. This morning, as I listened to Derren Brown speak about managing people’s perceptions, I realized that I had to do things differently. 

Note: for those who don’t know the magnificent Darren Victor Brown, he is a British psychological illusionist who convinces people of incredible miracles through psychology and showmanship. 

I recommend you look him up. His work is both enlightening and entertaining. 

The difference I need to complete this mission is to address the more abstract parts of my message and coaching in general. I need to discuss the philosophical aspects of coaching so I can lead those who need it to learn how to manipulate that abstraction positively. 

This realization comes from understanding that the concrete or technical part of coaching is secondary to my task with Invert City. The epiphany, as evident as it may be to many of you, is that there is no correlation between technical coaching competency and emotional intelligence. 

In other words, a coach can be technically perfect and lack compassion for the athletes in their charge.  

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This is the change I want to make to the log; I want it to be about the philosophy of coaching so we can have conceptual conversations about how to get the best from and for our athletes while respecting their emotional integrity. 

I want the Coach’s Log to be about having meaningful, critical discussions with our athletes about what they need to thrive in the sport and life. 

This shift in focus is how I change the conversation about positive and effective coaching in sports and how we make better people. 

Thank you for reading. 

— Coach José

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