Celebrating Invert City’s First Year and Positive Coaching

I’ve looked forward to this post for a while, twelve months, to be exact, and Invert City’s first year didn’t disappoint as we pushed the idea of positive coaching forward.

What a year it was. We saw many challenges, faced them and overcame them. Sometimes we wanted to give up on the mission, and other times we saw defeat, but we endured. 

As I said in my anniversary celebratory post on social media

Positive Coaching
Celebrating a noble mission

The Post

Invert City’s First Year

We are all Invert City.

My superheroes who work harder than most humans I know to achieve their goals and inspire me to achieve mine – this is yours. Thank you for this incredible year.

Here, I could type the old cliché about making the coming year ours, but that would be insufficient because the future already has our names written all over it.

And no part of this exists independently. A thousand thanks to my amazing and supportive team at Pulsars Gymnastics for allowing me to start and encouraging me to continue this passion project. And those parents who applauded this effort as it moved forward, please know that you made a difference.

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Positive Coaching

After all, it is the mission that matters because its goal is to protect those involved in accomplishing it. As you have heard me say before, the aim of this is to change the conversation about what positive coaching is. 

And that conversation is changing due to the efforts of many like-minded people working towards the same goal. 

I should also change those who collaborated with Invert City throughout this year. Their contribution to our content helped us reach more people with this critical message. 

Ultimately, I must also thank my detractors; they challenged my beliefs and strengthened them. They helped me see where I was wrong and how to improve on those flaws to make my frameworks more solid. 

Thank you, everyone. Those who still work with me, the ones who chose to leave, and those still to join me in this noble mission. 

There is a lot more coming. 

— Coach José

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