Invert City

If the name doesn’t alert you to the idea of being upside-down, then let me tell you that being upside down is what Invert City is about. At least, that is what we do when we tumble. But there is more. Invert City’s mission is to change the conversation about Effective Coaching In Sports.

At Invert City – or Invertcity, if you say quickly – we do more than tumbling, gymnastics, and physical training; we improve the mind and the heart. 

Beyond the podium and the medals, the ultimate goals are the attitudes that take us further than any other skill – self-love and self-confidence.

We love the sport, and we love movement because of how it makes us feel. Like Superheroes

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The Gym

Our team trains at Pulsars Gymnastics Club in Newmarket, Ontario, a quaint little city in Canada about thirty-five minutes north of Toronto. Pulsars is a magnificent facility with a fantastic team of caring and dedicated coaches and staff. 

With over two decades of experience in nurturing athletic and personal well-being for athletes of all ages, Pulsars may be one of the best gyms in the area. 

Effective Coaching In Sports

Effective Coaching In Sports

And our reputation precedes us (I say “our reputation” because I have been part of Pulsars almost as long as it has existed), we continue to provide a place where people can thrive in many areas of life. 

It’s a powerful message and a critical mission, and Invert City is a clear reflection of both.  

Thank you for stopping by.

— Coach José