3 Weekly Tumbling Memes Explained, Part 2

Here we are again observing the power of the internet to expand our reach and make Invert City’s mission more popular. The metaverse is real, and digital content is currency, so here are our 3 weekly memes explained.

I understand that some of these deserve an exclusive post, and I may give that eventually. The idea is to pack insight about an idea (in our case, tumbling and gymnastics) into an image with a snippet of text. 

3 Weekly Tumbling Memes Explained, Part 2
Funny Memes

Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t, but we keep at it. 

The Memes

I have embedded the original Instagram posts here instead of the image. 

1) When the freestyle folks think they have nothing to do with gymnastics. 

This is an ongoing debate with the freestyle trampoline community, who insist that their sport is separate from the sport of gymnastics. 

Despite claiming absolute independence from gymnastics, they continue to use names invented by gymnastics – sometimes wrongly – as you can see in my post about the “triple layout”.

Read it to understand my use of quotation marks. 

2) When the coach says there is a new conditioning program.

Their reactions to this are always fun to see. They always expect the new conditioning programs to be more difficult than the current ones. 

And I don’t correct this behaviour because when they realise that the new conditioning isn’t that difficult, they are happier and feel better about completing it. 

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3) When the coach says you’re ready to do that new skill yourself. 

This is how they sometimes react to finding out I think their good to go without assistance or spotting. 

They are indeed confident to progress when they’ve worked all their progressions diligently, but sometimes there is anxiety about moving forward. 

That anxiety always turns to celebration and enthusiasm once they do the skill in question. 

Thank you for reading. 

— Coach José

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