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3 Weekly Memes Explained

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This past week I decided to start leveraging the power of internet memes to disseminate Invert City’s mission statement. It is too early to say if this method is viable to increase our reach, but I thought I’d take my time explaining our first 3 weekly memes. 

Also, I plan to increase the frequency with which I post these images. And believe that my intensity will also grow as I create more ways to get my ideas across. You can read my previous article if you need an explanation of my need to do more with Invert City and life in general. 

The Memes

1) When people say form doesn’t matter in power tumbling.

Form is essential to safe development in Gymnastics
Form is essential.

I wrote an article about this idea. You can read it here.

Form is essential to the development of control. Contrary to some opinions, form isn’t only about making the skill look sharper; it’s about the optimal body command during intricate movements.

Holding proper shapes as you execute power moves is incredible – it’s beautiful.

See the original post.

2) When they ask you why tumbling and double mini aren’t in the Olympics.

Why are tumbling and double mini in the Olympics
They should be in the Olympics

Trampoline is an Olympic sport, and while tumbling and double mini aren’t, we all know they should be.

It’s time to make the Olympic Games great again and bring these two amazing disciplines into the roster.

See the original post here.

3) When someone tells you they didn’t know tumbling was a sport.

Tumbling is a world class competitive sport.
Tumbling is a world-class sport.

Tumbling is a highly competitive sport as part of the Trampoline Gymnastics group. Internationally, tumbling shares the stage with other non-Olympic sports like double mini-trampoline.

The World Games are the most important event for the sport of tumbling, happening every four years.

See the original post here.

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There you have it. Let me know what you think about these images, and help me improve how I communicate my ideas to the world.

Thanks again for reading.

Coach José

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