For sport, Movement, and self-love.


With Coach Cody and Coach Abe.

Invert City is about the sport and the movement as it is about attitude, respect, and self-confidence. We love the sport, and we love movement because of how it makes us feel. Like Superheroes.

The Blog

  • Invert City’s Social Media

    After a few days of respite from the strain of the screen on my eyes and a much-needed recess from the stress of having to write content for several sites – I’m back. And I’m back to announce the beginning of a pretty cool experiment in the Invert City’s Social Media. Admittedly, I was not […]

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  • Five Fears Gymnastics Athletes Must Over Come

    Fear is a compelling feeling. It governs much of our natural behaviour; it is, at times, an engine for behaviour that we often misunderstand. Many see it as something that we need to eradicate from our experiences or that we should not have by some philosophical reason or other.

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The Gym

Where Coach José and his Superheroes play.

At Invert City – or Invertcity, if you say quickly – we do much more than tumbling, gymnastics, and physical training; we train the mind and the heart.

With Abby after qualifying for tour of champions in early 2020

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