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With Coach Cody and Coach Abe.

Invert City is about the sport and the movement as it is about attitude, respect, and self-confidence. We Want to change the conversation about Positive and effective coaching in Sports.

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At Invert City – or Invertcity, if you say quickly – we do much more than tumbling, gymnastics, and physical training; we train the mind and the heart.

Positive and effective coaching in Sports
With Abby after qualifying for tour of champions in early 2020

From one of our articles about Effective Coaching.

In one of those conversations that failed to move any of us forward, my interlocutor asked, “what about all the athletes I’ve helped?”

My reply, which came in the form of different questions, caused an abrupt end to the conversation. 

What about all the children who came to you for help and didn’t get it? How many of them felt ignored, mistreated, and belittled by you? What of all the children whose love for the sport you stole? 

Indeed, we can’t make everyone happy. There are circumstances beyond our control and our purview as coaches. However, if we can’t improve life circumstances, we should endeavour not to make things worse. 

The formula is simple to understand in terms of numbers without detailed statistics. 

If ten athletes come to you for help and only two achieve the goal set by your definition of success, you need to reconsider that definition and your position as a coach. 

Daily Thought: The Fallacy of Small Numbers

More about Our Gym

Pulsars Gymnastics’ mission statement is to become a centre that will provide positive and diverse gymnastics services for children and youth in a safe and rewarding atmosphere through the delivery of quality programs.

And their vision is to become a leader in the physical development of children in Ontario in order to serve as a model club across Canada.

And this why I choose to coach there.

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